1More iBFree Review: Best In-Class and Water-Resistant


Bluetooth earphones were a big deal in the past but the audio wasn’t crisp enough when compared to those premium wired earbuds. That’s not the case anymore, Bluetooth connectivity is very fast presently and will tend to get faster in the near future. Hence, the audio is crispier and better even without those limited wire connection.

The 1More iBFree is one of those Bluetooth earbuds that’s raising the standard of wireless audio. These are the ideal earphones for anyone who loves to listen to music while walking, jogging, working out, etc. The fit is perfect and the water-resistant design makes them a good exercise companion.

Here’s a flash review of the 1More iBFree according to me:

1More iBFree is a premium bluetooth headset and a total beast, but it’s a bit High-priced.

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Build, Design, and Comfort

Build quality is pretty good when it comes to 1More iBFree headset. The water-resistant design has a rating of IPX4 which is good enough even for intense and sweaty workouts. The aluminum chassis not only gives a light body weight but also sturdiness and durability. Those silicon ear-tips are pretty good this time and are comparatively comfortable. Good thing is, you get 3 extra pairs of ear-tips and also 3 extra pairs of support wings.

These headsets come in 4 vibrant color variants; Black, Red, Blue, and Green. The cord, on the other hand, is not that premium built we when compared. There is an inline remote control on the right-side of the cord. Oddly enough, the remote is facing inwards making the controls pretty unintuitive. As said earlier, the ergonomic and sporty design slides in the ears perfectly and provide comfort for a long time.

Performance and Output

Performance of these bluetooth earbuds is pretty decent I would say. It might just be me, but I am not very fond of harsh sound output. In terms of a bluetooth headset, they do a tremendous job with the performance. Although it’s still not soft it is comparatively better than other earbuds at this price with the use of EQ. Given that, other earbuds can also be notched-up with the use of an EQ. The bluetooth range, on the other hand, is disappointing. If you are going to be working out with the device in your pocket then it’s a no-brainer.


Although when the connected device is a little bit far then the audio starts to shutter. Not that it’s a deal breaker but the competition comes with better bluetooth range. That being said, with the help of Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX-Coding the wireless audio experience is better than to be expected at this price range. At the end of the day, you will be getting what you paid for and definitely more but with some minor drawbacks. The microphone is a good one on the iBFree. Call quality and general recording on this mic are above average.

Final Verdict

1More iBFree bluetooth earbuds are one of a kind, perfectly made earbuds. The audio output is over sculpted and harsh out-of-the-box for sure. But, it can be fixed with the help EQ which you can use by downloading the 1More app. Even with that done, the bass is pretty much on a lower standard here so not a very appealing headset for the bass lovers. Comparatively, the sound out is pretty awesome for the price they are available.


These earbuds are extremely comfortable in the ears and that too can be worn for a long period of time. The audio output is not soft naturally, so there might be a slight disappointment here. The iBFree is much suitable for exercises. I’ve been doing some intense and heavy-movement based workouts and these earbuds held up pretty good. The drawback of them is the comparatively less bluetooth range which is a disappointment for the price we are paying. Overall, the 1More iBFree is a good bluetooth headset to buy.


  • Extremely comfortable fir in ears.
  • Water/ sweat resistant design.
  • Long-lasting battery (8 hours).
  • EQ makes the sound very good.
  • Much suited for exercises.

  • Does not have a carry pouch.
  • Over-sculpted and harsh sound.
  • Comparatively bass is less.
  • Distortion at full volume.
  • Remote control faces inwards.


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