1More Piston Classic Review: Earphones with an Open Back


1If you have ever heard about 1More Piston Fit then you might have also heard about his big brother; 1More Piston Classic, which fortunately we are reviewing today in this post.

1More Piston Classic is one of the best earphones in India right now. It has a premium build quality and award-winning performance. The sound output from these earphones delightful and totally worth the money you’re spending on them. 1More is not a well-known brand in India right now but it does produce above average and value for money audio peripherals. They were teamed up with Xiaomi previously to sell their headsets in India.

Before we dig into the full review, here’s a flash review of these earphones:

The 1More Piston Classic is a premium beast and definetely a good buy.

Build, Design and Comfort

The build quality on the Piston Classic as already said is pretty awesome and premium as well. They are built with premium quality aluminum which not only makes them lightweight but also adds protection. Although, they are a big dust magnet they can be cleaned with a little effort. Right around now, the Classics are available in 3 color variants; Black, Gold and Rose Gold just like an iPhone.

They come packaged with 3 extra pairs of ear tips of different sizes, excluding the pair already attached to the earpieces. The sizes we get are small, medium and large as usual. With a long enough 1.2 meters braided cord, we can move around and do stuff easily with the headset on. This cord breaks into two non-braided cord which is then connected to the earpieces. The other side of this tangle-free cord is a 3.5mm gold-plated connector. These earphones produce an impedance of 32Ohms which is more than enough power.





The unique thing to notice about the Piston Classic is the dual-damping system which means it’s located at both front and back of the earpieces. This lets the earphones breath a bit more and enhances the overall listening experience. It will surely require a little getting used but then over the time, you’ll love it. The headset is very comfortable thanks to the 13 grams of weight. It fits in the ears quite nice and just sits there comfortably.

Performance and Output

Performance and sound output is the main feature to look in a headset and Piston Classic aces in both of these aspects. The clarity of sound coming from is pretty awesome at the price range. The highs are clear, lows are great with a punchy feel and the mids are a little disappointing. Music is very enjoyable with this headset and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable even through long usage. They are angled like Piston Fit so the in-ear fit is not sturdy which might be leading to them dropping out of ears during exercises and workouts.


The noise isolation is pretty much below average in my opinion. Its little brother, the Piston Fit does a far better job when it comes to noise cancellation. Keeping that apart, another issue address is the out of mids which is kind of a disappointment to hear from a gorgeous headset. The inbuilt microphone performs great which good noise cancellation and clear audio capture. The inline buttons also come handy with two buttons to control the volume and the third one to lift calls, play and pause the media.

Final Verdict

1More Piston classic is a mixed bag in my opinion. Everything about this headset is premium except for the comfort, it’s not very premium. Also, there is the open back which is another factor which is not very common. If you want to experience premium-quality open back earphones then this is definitely a good investment.

The sound output is very sharp and crisp which is the main selling point of any earphones. Thankfully, we get 3 buttons this time from which 2 are used for volume control. The microphone is pretty good, no complaints here. The braided cable which does not get tangled is a delightful feature. The only complain I had, is although not really a complain a little disappointment that these earphones aren’t as comfortable as the Piston Fit. Wrapping it up, your favorite songs become better with the Piston Classic.


  • Built quality is very impressive.
  • A braided cable which doesn’t tangle.
  • Sound output is as crisp as it gets.
  • Comes with quality ear tips.
  • Open back for a better experience.

  • Mids are pretty much average.
  • Noise isolation is below average.
  • Cord to earpieces is not braided.
  • Treble struggles at max volume.
  • Dust magnet same as Piston Fit.


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