1More Piston Fit Review :- Impressive and Premium


You must have heard many big names like JBL, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica etc while searching for earphones.

Well, let me introduce to a brand which might have never heard of before or even if it didn’t catch your attention. For starters, 1More is an audio peripheral manufacturing company that makes earphones identical to Xiaomi’s Pistons.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are going design and naming of their competitors. They do make good quality earphones which are competitively expensive but are premium as it gets.


Today, we are going to review the 1More Poison Fit earphones which are mentioned in the best earphones under 1000 list on our site. These earphones are one of the top ones that caught out attention. So, here we are, reviewing for you guys to clear your doubts about buying these or not.

Let’s keep it simple and look at various aspects of these earphones. Before that, need a flash review?

1More Piston Fit is a very good investment. Not the best, but worth the price with it’s premium build.

Build, Design and Comfort

I already mentioned a few times and I can’t stress it enough that these are one of the best-built earphones at the price they are available. The build quality is top notch thanks to the aluminum body it has got. The ergonomic design adds up to it and provides ultimate feel and comfort in the ears. You might not know this, but 1More Piston isn’t a copy of Xiaomi’s Pistons. In fact, 1 More had been working with Xiaomi to provide those earphones.


The aluminum chassis make them lightweight and sturdy. This makes them long-lasting which most of us Indians crave. It is available in 4 different colors which include Space grey, Silver, Rose gold, and Blue trims. All of them look stunning, but I got the Rose Gold variant which just shouts premium. The Piston Fit has a gold-plated 3.5MM jack. It has a 1.25M cord with a microphone and a button along the line. The cord is sturdy and thanks to the brand for making them almost tangle-free.


Coming to the in-ear fit, the ear-tips are angled at 45-degrees which helps in providing a perfect fit. They are comfortable in the ears as well as don’t much while doing athletic activities. It comes with extra ear-tips, but honestly, they aren’t much impressed. I used them for few hours, watched a movie, grooved to some songs and yet didn’t feel much uncomfortableness. Maintain the volume around 80% and you are good to go.

Performance and Output

Performance is another aspect where the Piston Fit shines. I have used these earphones with Honor 6X, Lenovo K8 Plus, Redmi Note 3, iPhone 6 along with some laptops I had access to. To be honest, I really enjoyed the songs and media on these earphones. I’ve tested the 1More Piston fir along with Sony MDR-EX150, SoundMagic ES18S, and Audio-Technica CLR100. It didn’t out-perform all of them but did better when compared in all the aspects like Bass production on Pistion Fit is better than that on CLR100.


I really hate the fact that these do not come with volume control which we can count as a con. To be fair, most of the earphones coming at this price don’t even have a microphone. On the subject of the microphone, the Piston Fit has one and I could say is quite above average. The ear-tips provided though, are total deal breakers for me. When I switched them with ear-tips provided along Piston Classic the listening experience was much better. So, if you have ear-tips from your former favorite earphones you are good to go.

They do a really good job when it comes to listening music. I played a mixed type of songs on them like JuJu on the Beat, Counting Stars, Drag Me Down, Dusk Till Dawn, How Deep is your Love etc. The vocals were clear, highs were decent, mids were good, and the bass was great, not overwhelming at all. Overall, it was a good experience to listen to songs on 1More piston Fit.

Final Verdict

1More Piston Fit is a really good investment if you are willing to purchase some quality earphones. Space Grey should be the one to get if you want a color recommendation. You couldn’t possibly go wrong with your 999Rs. if you purchase these earphones.

I like that the mids were pretty good and clear making every song a bit more enjoyable. Highs are again very good which makes songs like Dusk Till Dawn an ear candy. Bass is pretty good, I guess, not the best among the competition though. The bad thing about these earphones is not actually the performance, but the ear-tips bundled with them. People with no other ear-tips might be disappointed with their purchase.


  • Built quality and design are on-point.
  • Cord does not get tangled easily.
  • Performance is above average.
  • Light-weighted and fits comfortably.
  • Mic is decent for taking calls.

  • Bundled ear-tips are not good.
  • A little bit of sound leakage.
  • Does not have volume control.
  • Treble gets bad at max volume.
  • A bit of dust magnet earphones.
Value for money
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