Best Earphones under 2000 in India [Updated]


There’s absolutely no way of disagreeing that music is one of the best things that could get you through hard times easier.

That is why here we bring another post on which suitable audio device you should choose. This time we are compiling an article centered around the best earphones under 2000 rupees.

If you haven’t got a look at other posts, head over to the best earphones under 1000 in India if you could stretch your budget. Without a doubt, we can say those earphones at this budget at very good with their performance.

They are just below the flagship headsets that are available out there and a little bit further from the luxury ones. But surely, they will be bang for the buck you paid from your pocket. Without any further late, let’s look at them.

Best Earphones under 2000

ProductDriversBest Buy
SoundMagic E10C
(Editor's Choice)
SingleCheck Price
1More Piston ClassicSingleCheck Price
(Editor's Choice)
SingleCheck Price
Sennheiser CX275SSingleCheck Price
TAGG Soundgear 500DualCheck Price
JBL T290SingleCheck Price
boAt Nirvana DuoDualCheck Price

Soundmagic E10C – Overall the Best One

Earphones are one of the most used audio devices in our lives. One of the reasons for which, is that anyone else doesn’t need to know what you are jamming to.

There are a lot of high-quality earphones in the market, but only a bunch of them are worthy. SoundMagic E10C is one of such earphones that provide great audio quality at reasonable price.

The E10C may be a bit old, but they still got a design with modern accents. It is the upgraded version to the previously best in this budget E10.

These do look simple but they express a lot with their design language. It has a lightweight body, thanks to the metal chassis which also doubles as a durability aspect. The cable is internally braided which will prevent the unwanted tangles. What sets them apart is the unique 60-Degree tilted gold-plated jack which is one of its kind.

Availability of different colors is again a good thing about them. We get 4 different color variant and the “Black Gun” is the variant for me. Sound Quality is the virtue where these earphones just nail it. They tend to produce high-quality audio output with amazingly balanced highs, mids, and the bass is just lovable.

Without a doubt, it is the best sound headset we have in this rundown of earphones. They adapt so well to the type of audio you’re listening to. For say, if you are listening to bass heavy songs, you get a good bass profile and the same when listening to high-pitched songs, etc. I would recommend you go get these earphones. There’s the presence of an inline remote control with the microphone installed.

Again, the microphone is also an average performer on this headset. The calls are crisp and clear without any frequency interruptions. Did you know? You get a bunch of accessories with the E10C which include, 6 pairs of earbuds, a phone adapter, a PC adapter and the best one, a carry pouch that is high in quality.


  • Best in class Audio Output.
  • Volume Rockers On-the-line.
  • Tangle-free Cable.
  • Durable Aluminium Chassis.

  • Not the best Microphone.
  • Bass cranks at High Volume.

1MORE Piston Classic – Combo of Class and Style

I would bet you have not heard about the Piston Classic, but they are an upgraded version of one of the most appreciated earphones all over the world. 1More is the brand that used to make earphones for Xiaomi.

So, if you’ve ever used the Mi Pistons and loved them, 1More is the brand behind that work.

The Piston Classic is another masterpiece from the brand which is priced arguably good. These earphones are a perfect mixture of sound quality and style.

They are made simple, but they emit a very elegant look just like the premium earphones out there. The fit of these earphones is very adaptive to the person’s ears and they are very comfortable. You may not have to worry about discomfort to the ears even with prolonged usage.

Different color variants are available for these earphones. Out of which, the Space Grey variant is an absolute beauty. You can say that these color schemes are inspired by the iPhones. We get a half-way braided cable which takes care of the tangles.

It is made of interior enameled copper which rests around Kevlar fiber to further the durability. The metal builds not only makes the headset look elegant but also makes them light-weighted and adds up to the strength and durability.

It is one of a kind pair of earphones which comes with the innovative dual-damping system. What it means is that there is a rear damping unit and a front one as well on the earpiece. The purpose of them is to reduce distortion in the sound output and enhance room for audio like what we see in open back headphones. We have a remote control along with a microphone on the line.


  • Top-notch Build Quality.
  • Braided Tangle-free Cord.
  • Dual-Damping System.
  • Crisp Sound Output.

  • Noise-Isolation is Average.
  • Only half cable is Tangle-free.
  • Dust Magnet Earphones.

Sony MDR-XB55AP – Best Bass Output of All

We have a contender from the brand Sony itself for this post and it’s the XB55AP. Make no mistake, because these are the best earphones you could ever buy in this budget if you want to jam to EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

EDM is a trending genre of music which is quite worth the trend. My current favorite kind of music is EDM and these earphones make it a lot better. The big 12mm speakers coupled with neodymium drivers produce a heart-thumping bass.

It is not to be mistaken from the low-quality cranked up bass produced by cheap “heavy bass” earphones. The extra bass from these earphones is of pure quality. I can say that they produce the best bass ever, I personally used the XB50s and loved their bass and the XB55AP is just far ahead of them. The bass might be the best part of them, but they aren’t lacking anywhere in the Highs and Mids.

They are available in 3 different color variants and all of them look equally gorgeous. So, it comes down to the personal preference and which color suits you better. It has a design which isn’t groundbreaking but still looks aggressive. These come with an in-line microphone alongside a pause/ play/ lift call button. It is a bit sad to see earphones at this cost not featuring volume rockers on the line.

The built quality is not as exceptional as to be expected from SONY. You also get a carry pouch alongside 3 pairs of additional earbuds in the package. A carry pouch is a good addition but it’s too basic, where the E10C comes with a high-quality one. Overall, these are a great pair of earphones that mainly focus on delivering extra deep bass. Forgot to say, they have a tangle-free cable. So, Yay!


  • Amazing Bass Output.
  • A great Microphone for Calls.
  • The overall audio is great.
  • Comfortable fit.

  • Build quality could’ve been better.
  • No In-line volume controls.

Sennheiser CX 275 S – Clean and Crisp Audio

Wondering where the people favorite earphones are? Well, here we have it. The Sennheiser CX275S has been one of the most favorite earphones through the past couple of years.

Sennheiser as a brand manufactures the best audio peripherals out there and the CX275S are not an exception. These make a good choice you are seeking out branded earphones which you can trust blindly.

The CX 275S has a very aggressive design, especially towards the earpieces. Its build quality is astonishing as expected from Sennheiser. It is a go-to the headset if you are kind of rough with your earphones. They hold up pretty good when it comes too fit and comfort. They are comfortable even with a long period of usage. The only thing not great is that it doesn’t house a metal chassis, making it a tad bit heavier.

Performance wise, Sennheiser’s home-baked drivers produce a rich and clear sound. Although it is a headset based on the concept of proving extra deep bass it doesn’t perform as good as the XB55AP. They are not the best and not unworthy of the price they are available at.

The extra bass doesn’t sound natural like the XB55AP rather it’s like the bass is on steroids, not very pleasing but not bad either. Honestly, these earphones are a mixed bag for audio enthusiastic people. The Highs and Mids, also share the same story, not bad and not the best either. They come packaged with 2 extra pairs of earbuds, an adapter, and a good-quality leather pouch to carry them.

Like the XB55AP, the CX 275S also comes with a microphone and lack volume controls on the line. The microphone performs above average giving crisp input. You will need to get used to the tangled cord with them though.

TAGG SoundGear 500 – Power from Two Drivers

Here I am, totally surprised and happy to see an Indian brand showing up in this list of earphones. TAGG is an Indian brand of manufacturing consumer electronics.

We have an underdog in our list from this brand which is the SoundGear 500. These Dual-driver earphones are not at their pinnacle yet, but it an impressive leap towards being the best a brand can offer.

The SoundGear 500 looks beautiful design-wise but the color scheme doesn’t bring out the best. Although It’s not the worst it could have been a lot better. The design is not only eye-pleasing but also ergonomic to slip into your ears. It may not be as good as a metal built, the plastic body is not slack either.

The fit is almost perfect and comfy to the ears but would not recommend keeping them in for very long. It has god bad things too, no volume rockers and a tradition cable that just loves to tangle. Let’s get to the dual drivers’ thing, shall we? As I said earlier, these earphones come with dual driver technology.

It basically means, instead of the traditional single big driver, there are two small drivers inside the earpiece. These drivers individually far inferior to the drivers we see on the earphones on top of this list. But together they just might have the potential to even surpass them. Thanks to this, the TAGG SoundGear 500 outputs pleasing audio that has everything balanced.

Overall, a great piece of technology that has modern specifications. If you are into a well-balanced powerful audio, these might do the job for you. Along with the headset, you get a carry pouch, 3 pairs of additional earbuds and a user manual which I’m sure you’ll throw away.

JBL T290 – Fallen but not Forgotten

We have a member of JBL family in our and that is the JBL T290 wired earphones. JBL is a dear brand to us all thanks to their high-quality audio peripherals.

These earphones are focused on providing pure bass to the EDM lovers. They are very affordable earphones from the house of JBL that have a metal body.

The T290 has a subtle design language but it looks very elegant. It is built using high-quality aluminum chassis which gives off a premium look.

Not only aesthetics, but the metal build also adds up to the durability and helps in reducing the weight. There is a sturdy flat-cord which prevents the irritative tangles. We have an in-line microphone alongside a button but no volume rockers.

Performance is on the above average side with a good bass output. It doesn’t fall behind on the Highs and Mids as expected from the brand. It has a crisp and unadulterated sound out that sounds very natural. These earphones, thanks to their ergonomics fits right into your ears and are comfortable. Although I wouldn’t recommend you can use them for even a long period of time.

The lows are not cranked up for a deep bass effect like those other earphones out there. If you are through with unnatural sounding bass, then these will make you quite happy. You get a carry pouch and 2 additional pairs of earbuds along with the headset itself.

boAt Nirvana DUO – Not the Best, Not the Worst

Guys, we have another dual-driver pair of earphones in our rundown. boAt Nirvana Duo is one of those pieces where you’d just want to take a moment and appreciate the build quality and attention to detail.

boAt might be new in the market, but they have the idea what works and what doesn’t. This pair of earphones isn’t the best but sure makes a headline for its budget.

As the name would suggest, this one has two drivers each of which are 6mm in size. You can see them through the semi-transparent plastic chassis. The design language of these earphones is aggressive just like other ones in the Nirvana series. It has a crisp and clear audio which is detailed. Thanks to the help of dual-drivers which help with accurate sound output.

These earphones come without any sound adulterating, which assures natural sound, nothing cranked up. Bass could be better though. The build quality is far better than what you would expect at this budget. It has a cable so thick and well-coated, it will last for a long time even with rough usage. The attention to detail on these earphones make them look gorgeous.

They have a unique design but fit perfectly and are very comfortable too. The connector is L-shaped with gold-plating at the jack. There is an in-line multi-purpose button alongside a microphone. Again, we don’t get to see volume controls on the line. Nevertheless, the microphone is of good quality providing HD call capability.


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