Best Earphones under 500 in India [Updated]


If you are a music lover and gets lost in the realm of music all the time then you might want to buy the best earphones for your budget.

As you are on this page we say you have been searching for the best earphones under 500. Well, if you are, then your luck just kicked in. We, in this post, have put the best and latest which will satisfy your need as well as good spend your hard-earned money.

I have made this list with some proper research and testing the earphones out thoroughly. The earphones in this list are the best ones money can buy under 500 rupees. And if you have 500 more bucks to spend on earphones you might also want to check out the best earphones under 1000 bucks.

Now I am gonna give you an idea of what you can expect and get from a pair of earphones that cost just 500 bucks. Obviously, the quality of sound, crispiness in audio output, build quality will be a little inferior to those of higher prices. So, we need not compare them to those high lords and rather stick to comparing the earphones within this budget stretch. Let’s roll then, shall we?

Best Earphones under 500

DeviceMicrophoneExtra Earbuds 
SoundMagic ES18S
(Editor's Choice)
YesYesCheck Price
Mi Basics
(Editor's Choice)
YesYesCheck Price
SoundMagic ES11SYesYesCheck Price
Boat BassHeads 225YesYesCheck Price
Philips Action FitNoNoCheck Price
Sennheiser MX170NoNoCheck Price
Philips SHE1405YesYesCheck Price

SoundMagic ES18S – Best on this List

Having an awesome audio output and great build quality these earbuds deserve the first spot on our list of earphones.

These earphones are so good you cannot turn back after buying. The quality of the ES18S and other earphones in this list is wide apart.

You will not believe that they cost so cheap and yet are comparable to earphones coming at twice the price range. SoundMagic is a well-known and people’s favorite brand which just made the market couple of years back. Thanks to the quality of sound and sturdiness of build with their earphones they gained massive love from the customers.

Let’s get to the performance aspect. These earphones are totally under-rated when it comes to audio output. It has clear and crisp sounds with perfect highs and mids but not so great lows. It’s not a turn down because the bass is not terrible or low. You still can listen to bass heavy songs and enjoy them.

They are quite comfortable in the ears even after a long usage period thanks to the ergonomics. Its design is a marvel as not only it makes the headset look stunning but also provide comfort. Those earbuds just slide in your ears perfectly and in case they don’t you can substitute them with the extras provided in the package. The microphone is also an asset of the Es18s with good call quality.

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  • Best Value for your Money.
  • Great Sound Output.
  • Provided Carry Pouch.
  • Good In-built Microphone.

  • Not the best Bass Output.

Xiaomi Mi Basics In-Ear

Xiaomi, the name itself says it all! According to the recent surveys conducted, Xiaomi is the most trusted brand in India as of now.

Well, the products made by Xiaomi are cheap and less priced when compared to other manufacturers, not just that, they offer great value for money. Phones, Laptops, TV’s and so Earphones. Yes, you heard it right.

Just look at these pair of earphones from XIaomi, the name says they are basic, but in real life, they are not!

The Xiaomi MI In-Ear Earphones comes with a price tag of Rs. 500. At this price point, they are well constructed with some good quality materials. The ear heads are made out of metal just like other earphones from Xiaomi. For the rough users out there, Xiaomi claims that the cables have a special type of coating called “Kevlar coating”. In our tests, they survived well. The cable is flat, so tangles are rear! There is a presence of in-line remote with which you could control music, accept or reject calls. Sadly, the jack is not gold plated, but don’t worry, it won’t hurt your audio experience.

The length of the cable is 1.25m. Even though they named it basic, Xiaomi concentrated on some delicate details to enhance the overall looks of these earphones. The ear head has a chamfered edge, cool right?

These earphones produce a great amount of bass. The volume levels are good, The production of highs, mids, and lows is on point. The loudness can go all the way to max, but it completely depends on the device you use. The impedance is around 32 ohms and has a frequency response range about 20-20,000Hz. The earphone quality is just like the other earphones in this price point, there is nothing to brag about it.

Overall this pair of the earphone is a great piece of tech within your budget. Great build quality and sound outputs, Comfortable fit, and presence of microphone got my attention towards these earphones.

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  • Good quality Metal build.
  • Light weighted and Strong.
  • Perfect fit and Comfortable.

  • No Microphone.
  • No Volume Controls.

SoundMagic ES11S

The first question that comes to your mind as soon as you see SoundMagic on the list is. Is SoundMAGIC is a brand? Well, it is! Its headquartered in HongKong.

This Brand was started in 2005 and well, they are surviving with a heavy competition. The specialty of the brand is, they make high-quality products and sells specialty effective price point.

Unlike the Xiaomi In-Ear basics which come with metalheads, these earphones are completely made out of the Good quality of plastic and rubber.

They fit perfectly into your ears and they are comfortable too. There are few sizes of ear tips included which come handy with different sizes of ears. They don’t feel premium as other earphones from the same brand, but at this price point, they offer the best audio experience.

Coming to the most important aspect of earphone, the sound output. The sounds produced by these earphones is arguably good, that is why we added these pair of earphones to the list. These earphones from soundmagic have an impedance of 46 ohms and frequency responses about 15-22,000Hz The Highs and lows are very good considering the price, mids could have been better. The loudness goes to the maximum depending on the device you use. Tweak it with an equalizer and you are good to go.

As there is no presence of Noise Cancellation, there might be disturbances occurring in heavy noisy areas. Overall this could be a worthy purchase, The great sound output and bass with a good amount of loudness makes the earphones worthy.

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  • Clear and Crisp Audio output.
  • Has Inbuilt Microphone.
  • Very Budget Friendly.

  • Bass Could’ve been better.
  • No Volume Controls.

boAt BassHeads 225

the boAt is an upcoming brand which is getting lots of attention these days. It is an Indian Brand which manufactures Audio related products.

As most of the people don’t know about boAt they never seem to purchase their products. Let me say, boAt is the best audio brand as of now which delivers some great devices within the limited budget.

Coming to these pair of earphones, these are very popular ones compared to other earphones from boAt. The earhead is made of metal which is textured and feels good. The cable though, as usually made out of rubber. The cable is flat type one, which makes it kind of tangle free. There is an In-line remote which is made of plastic.

These earphone’s primary USP is ‘Extra Bass’. Yes, the bass is really good compared to all the earphones in the list, but not overwhelming. The highs, lows, and mids are equally produced resulting in excellent audio quality. If you are not a fan of heavy bass and like vocals, let me say you, Vocals seem to be very good though.

The final verdict is these are the great pair of earphones which can satisfy almost every music lover. At the price point of Rs. 500 there is not much to complain about these earphones.

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  • Best in class Build Quality.
  • Cable doesn’t get tangled.
  • Heavy but Cranked-up Bass.
  • Overall good for daily usage.

  • Cannot control the Volume.
  • Audio Clarity isn’t very good.

Philips SHQ1200

Are you a gym freak? Or else you do lots of exercises or workouts? If yes, these pair of earphones from Philips are made for you.

Listening to music while working out or exercising will increase enthusiasm and makes you more active. These earphones get your job done within the price of Rs. 500.

Taking a cover on its build, these are mostly made out of rubber. Even the earheads are made out of rubber and so cable. The entire earphone is Kevlar-reinforced which provides ultimate durability. Philips also claims that these earphones are sweat proof.

When it comes to music experience, there are 10mm drivers in these earphones and can produce thumping bass, high-quality mids, adequate treble and crispy highs. The sound clarity you get is top-notch, not iPhone notch! There is a presence of noise isolation for your information. Sadly, these earphones lack microphone.

All I could say is A great bang for your back! These are the best earphones you could get for workouts or gym purpose at this price point. Give it a shot!

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  • A great partner for Fitness Activities.
  • Water and Sweat Proof.
  • Fits in Comfortably and Sturdy.
  • Build and Desing are Great.

  • Doesn’t carry a Microphone.
  • Not so great Bass output.

SoundOne 616

Sound One is Indian Audio Maker started recently. Their mission is to produce innovative and high-quality audio products with a dedicated focus on high-end sound.

Well, I’m not sure about their innovation but I’m sure that these pair of earphones are truly adorable. These are not good looking earphones I could say but don’t just judge a book by its cover.

The plastic build, The good quality cable, and the gold-plated connector make their way to this earphone too. That is all about the build quality. The main thing I found is the rubber cable seems to be durable.

Coming to its performance, these Sound One 616 earphones are powered by Dynamic 10 mm drivers which can easily handle all the frequencies and helps in producing a rich sound. The highs and mids are distributed equally. There is a presence of sound isolation technology further helps to enhance your listening experience. There is a single buttoned in-line remote to take complete control of calls.

To summit up, these are a good pair of earphones for people who could not or don’t wanted to afford Thousands of bucks on earphones. They are cheap, powerful and gets the job done too.

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  • Very Light-weight and Comfortable.
  • Carries a Carry Pouch.
  • Microphone is pretty good.

  • Not the best Audio Output.
  • No Inbuilt Microphone.

Philips SHE1405

If you are a person who feels like even Rs.500 is much for a piece of earphone, then my friend this pair of the earphone is made for you. And don’t worry about quality too!

It comes from the street of Philips and guesses what it is priced somewhere around Rs.300.

These earphones are completely made out of plastic. The common round rubber cable is found with this pair of earphone. At a glace, you might feel the cable is delicate but trust me it’s not!

It won’t get torn easily, unless or until you do it. But take a note that the cable is not at all Tangle Free one. The sound generated by these earphones is absolutely awesome. The bass is excellent but at times you might feel its overpowered. When the story comes to highs and mids it delivers the exact sound created. Noise isolation is present to get good audio experience.

All I could say is this is the best earphones in the price point. At the exciting price of 300 bucks, it could manage all your needs and satisfy you. This is all about Philips SHE1405.

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  • Great Build-quality at Budget.
  • Light-weighted and Strong.
  • Sturdy and Long Cable.
  • Decent overall Sound Output.

  • Jack of all, Master of None.

Sennheiser MX170

If you are a person searching for strong earphones which satisfies you with overall performance, then let me say you, the Sennheiser MX 170 is the one!

This earphone looks quite nostalgic with the conventional type of earbuds. These pair of earphones could not be destroyed with bare hands!

As said above, the ear heads are made of the very high quality of plastic and they are conventional type unlike IEMs from different brands. The cable s made of rubber which is quite sturdy and the connector L-shaped one. They are so damn light and cushions are provided for extra comfort while wearing.

These MX 170 delivers a good amount of sound quality. The bass is punchy but not thumpy like you find in these generation earphones. The mids are very clear and highs are overpowered. Overall it produces and delivers balanced sound. Sadly as expected, no noise isolation is present and so noise cancellation too.

Overall good earphones for people who don’t retain new brands or light designs. The bad part is it keeps coming out while doing activities like running, walking fast etc. And tip size couldn’t be changed as its conventional type. That’s all, give it a shot rough users.

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  • Impressive Audio Output.
  • Simple and Light Design.
  • Good Build Quality.

  • Not a Versatile Headset.
  • Limited Ear-size adaption.

Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003

Skullcandy, the one and only brand in this entire list that doesn’t need any introduction. Skullcandy is a brand from the United States started in 2003.

From then, till now, they sold millions of Audio Machines all over the world. This pair of earphones was released a year ago and it is one of the best earphones.

This is a complete plastic build. The Ear head is made out of Plastic and cable is made of rubber. The cable feels very delicate but in reality, it’s not. Sadly, there is no presence of mic to take up the calls on the go. This model of the earphone is available in many colors, so you could choose the one which suits you.

Under that plastic housing, there is a lot going on! Skullcandy claims that these earphones are future efficient speakers which can produce great audio quality. Yes, it can. The highs, lows, and mids are equally produced. The Bass is fairly good but not overwhelming. It has frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

My final verdict about these pair of earphones is, a must buy. If you don’t care about the mic, then go for it. These earphones offer the best bang for the buck! If the mic is high on your list of considerations, then other earphones in the list would be better.

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  • Light-weight Plastic Build.
  • Crisp and Loud Audio.
  • Decent levels of Bass.
  • Flat Tangle-free Cable.

  • No In-line Volume Controls.
  • There’s no Microphone.

Philips SHE3590WT/98

Philips make high-quality earphones within rs 500 rupees. Hence, the third earphone is added to the list from the house of Philips. These are for the people who don’t want to use stock earphones.

These are not the good looking earphones overall, but they get the job done. The plastic build, the rubber cable makes their way to this earphone too.

Well, at this price point, from a brand like Philips we cant expect much! And unluckily Philips skips adding a mic with this one. Disappointed? Well, don’t! There is a lot going on with this earphone apart from that mic.

The audio quality which these earphones deliver is awesome. The highs, lows, and mids are good. The volume levels are very high, ambient noise is reduced to the max. The Vocals, beats what and whatnot? These earphones can play anything thrown at it like a charm and moreover, it tends to produce the natural sound that’s created!

Overall a great piece of quality. If Philips would throw a mic in it, it would be the best earphone at this price. But come on, for that price tag of Rs.500, these earphones from Philips makes lots of sense buying!

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  • Comfortable for longer usages.
  • High-quality Earbuds.
  • Balanced Sound Variations.

  • No Microphone Built-in.
  • Cannot control the Volume.

So, guys, that was it on the list of best earphones under 500. I hope you have found the best earphones for your requirements. In case if you haven’t already, just give this post another read. If you like this post make sure to click a like and share it on your social media with your friends and family. Don’t mind to leave a comment about your opinion about these earbuds we have made a rundown of.


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