Best Gaming Keyboards under 1000 in India [Updated]


Going for a new gaming PC? or rather wanna stick with a gaming laptop and don’t wanna use the default keyboard?

Well, we’ve got a quite helpful post for you which lists the best gaming keyboard under 1000 in India as of 2018.

Even if you get an awesome PC, when you don’t get a good quality it will not live up to the potential. As all of the game commands are input using the keyboard and mouse.

Now we know that we shouldn’t be going for any other keyboard in the market. What should we buy? Yup, it is as simple as going for the best one that suits the budget right and has no compromises to deal with.

Best Gaming Keyboards under 1000

ProductBacklitBest Buy
CosmicByte CB-GK-02
(Editor's Choice)
YesCheck Price
DesertEagle GK-001
(Editor's Choice)
NopeCheck Price
Gamdias GKC 100NopeCheck Price
Night Hawk NK102YesCheck Price
Havit HV-KB371LYesCheck Price

To keep you out of the trouble, we’ve already listed few of the best ones below. All of them live up to their prices. They are well-built with above-average performance and durability. So, without any further wastage of time, let’s check them out.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02

First one on our list is from a newly appearing brand named Cosmic Byte. This brand has made an awesome gaming keyboard which has a price worthy of its performance.

This keyboard dethroned the previously best Desert Eagle. It has a moderately aggressive design to it and good quality keys/ keycaps. It does have a rather unpleasant looking Logo sticker above the arrow keys. Though it is just an opinion of mine and might not bother you at all. The build quality isn’t the best on this one but it’s manageable.

Good this is, we get RGB lighting which has 4 different levels of brightness. This RGB backlighting is not static, which means the effect can be changed through a limited 9 light effects. It has got all the basic keys except for the rupee key which is not really useful.

The GK-02 can be connected to any computer that supports USB 2.0 connection and above. Newer the USB connection version, the better performance you’ll get out of it. Surprisingly, we also get Anti-ghosting(19 keys) enabled at this price range. Basically, anti-ghosting is very useful for gaming and prevents invalid key presses.

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DragonWar DesertEagle GK-001

If you are just a beginner, wanting to test out the waters for now. You’ll probably need a gaming keyboard with good-quality build and design. Because beginners tend to be aggressive with them keyboards when they’re just starting out. In that case, DW Desert Eagle is the perfect one to go for.

It is one of the best gaming keyboards out there if you exclude the aesthetic features like RGB backlighting and etc. This one has a minimal and yet robust design with above average build quality. There are 10 Hot-keys on this keyboard.

These keys are placed very smartly at the sides which maintains the minimal design and also adds up to the aesthetics. The Desert Eagle is an exceptional keyboard that performs really good while gaming. It is very responsive and fast, resulting in the improved gaming experience. You also get an extended mouse pad or you can call it a keyboard pad.

It is provided for resting your wrists on it while using the keyboard. This keyboard does have some quirks like unusual key placements, generic blue accent without any other variants, A bit of over-branding etc. Thankfully, it is water-proof though.

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Gamdias GKC 100

We also have a gaming keyboard and mouse combo on this list and it is the AresII from Gamdias. It has a pretty cool design which is kinda similar to and reminds me of RedDragon Asura keyboard.

It may be inspired from, or it is actually trying to compete with Asura. Honestly, if this keyboard is half as good as the Redragon Asura then it is totally an awesome deal. If you ask me, I think it more than half as good as Asura which makes me recommend it.

We also get a really good mouse at this price. So, I don’t see any problem with going for this gaming combo. It is a sad thing that we don’t have mechanical keyboards at this budget though. But these keys are good quality that works quite good.

This quality has gone through quality tests and measures. Leading to a durability of up to 10 Million keystrokes without any trouble. The mouse is not that great which should be expected with a combo at this price. Though we’re not gonna talk about mouse as this is keyboard post. It has 10 hot-keys at the top with backlighting at the sides. These no backlit enabled on the keyboard keys.

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Night Hawk NK102

Here we have an aesthetically weird looking gaming keyboard with us from the house of Night Hawk. Nighthawk is a relatively new brand in this market and showing a little bit of competition out there.

The brand claims that this is designed in such a way as to enhance the gaming experience. I don’t really see how this design helps improve speed and responsiveness though. It has a pretty decent build quality, nothing too good and nothing regrettable. The keys have an unpleasing look to them though, which is a personal opinion.

The key clicks well though and the response time is also pretty usable, nothing ground-breaking here. It’s an LED backlit keyboard with 3 color static lighting on this one. Though there also another variant with changeable backlit effects which costs a little more.

Good thing to note is that this one comes with 19 Anti-ghosting keys which help a ton while gaming. You can have a precise control over keyboard commands while gaming when it has Anti-ghosting. Performance is above average and durability is good thanks to metal build. Overall, a good gaming keyboard with a weird design.

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Havit HV-KB371L

New to Gaming? Cannot afford much on a gaming keyboard? Well, there is no need to worry as Havit got you sheltered with their entry level gaming keyboard HV-KB371L.

The build quality and aesthetics are not the best we’ve ever seen on the keyboard, but it gets the job done nevertheless. As for the construction, the keyboard is plastic, but it has a soft matte finish. This makes the keyboard look kind of premium.

It’s worth asserting that the keys are not backlit, only the background is lighted. This is a typical gaming mechanical keyboard with 19 anti-ghosting keys. The occurrence of multimedia control keys makes a fine touch. There is no wobble on the key switches as the keys are not being held up in the center.

The WSAD and arrow keys are interchangeable too. And at the back of the keyboard, there are few drain holes, and the brand claims that the keyboard is splash-resistant. The cable is of 1.5 meters and outputs 5V of voltage. The background illuminating lights are not too bright, but it was legible though.

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There ends our list. I hope you have the best suitable gaming keyboard for you. If we have helped you with it, please hit a like and share this post on your social handles.


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