Best Gaming Keyboards under 2000 in India [Updated]


Nowadays gaming has become a trend! People are crazy about trending games PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty World War 2 and what not.

These games require some serious skills, in fact, a serious coordination between your fingers and the best gaming keyboards under 2000.

Some tactical moves require multiple keystrokes at the same time, instantaneously and simultaneously.

So, it gets hefty to remember and use a correct sequence of keystrokes at that instinct of time! To make it simpler, a good high-quality gaming keyboard which can take that adrenaline filled whopping you’re gonna give. With that said, we’ve created a list of these best keyboards and you are going to pick the one you like the most. Before that, head over to the list of best gaming keyboards under 1000 rupees.

Best Gaming Keyboards under 2000

ProductMacro KeysBest Buy
Redragon ASURA
(Editor's Choice)
Yes, 8Check Price
CIRCLE Adroit X7CYes, 6Check Price
Gamdias AresYes, 6Check Price
Logitech G100NopeCheck Price
Dragon War X2NopeCheck Price

Redragon ASURA

The market is full of budget-oriented gaming peripherals like mice and keyboard. Redragon is a very popular brand known for its budget gaming peripherals. Today we are taking a look at one of their keyboards called Redragon ASURA K501. In this quick review, we will be going through everything that this keyboard has to offer.

Starting off with its design, this Redragon keyboard has a gaming oriented design. Featuring a 104 key layout with 7 color backlighting, this keyboard will surely look awesome with your PC. Moving on to its build quality, even though this keyboard is made out of plastic, it is definitely on the durable side. Not only that but the USB cable is also braided which will last a few years before breaking.

Coming to the most important of this review, the K501 provides its users with a lot of features for the given price. Not only you get 104 keys with 7 color backlighting, but you also find 8 programmable macro keys. You will also find 12 dedicated media keys on this keyboard which are just awesome to have. Finally coming to the keyboard switched themselves, even though it is a membrane keyboard, it feels quite tactile for gaming as well for typing for its given price.

Overall the Redragon ASURA K501 gaming keyboard is a great choice for budget gamers. It provides its users with a lot of features and a good design. And for its given price of under 2000 INR, it is one of the best keyboards out there.

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Gaming is all about endearing and trailing! Endearing may not lead to the celebration but trailing may lead to rage. That rage can break the things around you. For the angry folks out there, there is a durable gaming keyboard for you within your budget.

This keyboard is brought to you by Circle and the name of the keyboard is Adroit X7C. The company achieved to maintain the robustness by using good quality of plastic. Certainly, entire keyboard is made out of plastic. The complete front slice of the keyboard along with the keys have a matte finish, which will be obliging for prolonged hours of gaming.

The keys are well spaced out and at the top is where we can find the multimedia buttons, a great attention to the brand. Miserably, there is no existence of mute button. None of the keys are detachable. Circle claims that this is a mechanical keyboard, but sadly it’s not.

This is seven color backlit keyboard, meaning, all the buttons including the background is backlit. There is a special transition called breathing mode too. This is a typical gaming keyboard with 19 Ghost-keys. The cable is a braided type which is of 2 meters long.

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Gamdias Ares 7

If you are a beginner you might be searching for good quality gaming keyboard and mouse. Why buying them separately when you can buy both of them within your price range! Take a look at this combo, and trust me this can offer you best bang for your buck! Ares Keyboards and Mice from Gamdias are being used by thousands of gamers all over the world.

The keyboard is constructed with plastic and fitted out with matte. The design is not really a head turner, but undeniably worth the attention. The lights can illuminate in seven different colors and breathing mode is available too. You can control the lights and the flow directly from the keyboard, there is the existence of a dedicated key. This keyboard has sculpted keys for an enhanced gaming experience.

For the avid gamers out there, Gamdias also included a wrist rest to this combo which is really comfortable. And the company also added Macro keys, these are just supplementary keys for professional gamers to add more pedals and have complete rheostat over the game. WASD and arrow keys are substitutable and there are 32 programmable keys in total.

The included mouse also partake matte finish from the keyboard and having the weight tuning system so you can increase the weight of it up to 20 grams. The lowest dpi of the mouse is 4000.

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Logitech G100

If you are a soul who believes in brands and inclines to buy only high superiority company products, then this combo for you, by one of the leading manufacturer of professional gaming equipment, Logitech. This combo by Logitech is a good amalgamation of the gaming peripherals for a substandard gamer who is stumpy with the budget.

The keyboard looks elementary, there is not much to brag about the design. No additional keys and macros, the keyboard is semi-mechanical. It is a basic fiber build, but do not expect any matte or color textures. The keyboard is very sturdy and there are very fewer probabilities of breakage. WASD and arrow keys are highlighted to make it easier to use during intensive gaming.

The gaming mouse is something like a hit or miss. The design of the mouse is ergonomic and lets you play for longer periods. The mouse is very light in weight and can be overdrawn effortlessly. Overall a great combo for beginners, consider buying this if you are constricted in the budget.

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CosmicByte DarkMatter

Have you ever fantasized that you can buy high-quality gaming keyboard and mouse under 1500 INR? The answer might be yes or no, but, this is one of the most durable set. This is a basic gaming keyboard with 104 keys. The entire build is made up of very high quality of plastics and it’s entirely matte finished. It may fascinate lots of dust but overall it looks dope though.

Both the keyboard and mouse deliver best in the class gaming experience. The lights illuminate in three different colors. The existence of multimedia keys makes it functionality rich keyboard. This keyboard is semi-mechanical with 19 ghosting keys. This set also comes with a high-precision gaming mouse, desired to make your gaming experience more incredible.

The mouse is lite but it’s very hard to break. Regular drops don’t make this set damage. The included gaming mouse features sensor optimization for the high accuracy cursor control with six different buttons and different days. Bring out the gamer in you. Certainly, go check this product out!

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Dragon War X2

Price doesn’t matter at all times, quality matters though! Whatever the price tag you may select, it must be ensured whether it is durable or not. By adding quality, looks and a better price tag to the hood, this combo of keyboard and mouse are fetched to us by Dragon War X.

This is the most eye-catchy keyboard at this price point. That matte black body, flame red textures, and those background lights make this keyboard head turner In the list. Coming to the most significant factor, the build quality, the hard plastic build with finest textures and rubberized corners makes this keyboard most durable keyboard.

This is a semi-mechanical keyboard with a 19 key reel over a feature that empowers you to use multiple keys at once. The q2 mouse is proficient of handling all the games with ease. The 3200 dpi sensor ensure all these things.

The mouse is very ergonomic, with matte black and flame red textures. The mouse can be controlled by six control buttons, each of them can be customized with the desired function. Definitely its worth checking it out!

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So, that ends this post. I hope you have enjoyed it.


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