Evidson B3 Review : Are Awesome, Aren’t Comfortable for long


In the ocean of earphones in a variety of budgets, it is gravely hard to find a one that will cool your volcanos. In this massive today’s sip is gonna be the B3 earphones from Evidson.

This is one of the cheapest earphones which comes with all the necessary features to it in its box. Talking about the box, it was really hard to slide open. Talk about military level security :p

The package was good-looking and has two compartments. One of which was obviously the headset inside another good-looking box alongside extra ear tips in another one.

Build, Design and Comfort

It was built mostly with plastic but the earpieces were made out of plastic. Not saying it had bad quality plastic but it lacked the premium feel from pistons which we covered in the 1More Piston Fit Review. There is a long, stylish looking cord with basically looks like a rope but is made of fiber. Thermoplastic Elastomer to be precise, and they are as sturdy as the Incredible Hulk. It being a tangle-free was an awesome addition to convenience.

Those ear-tips are nowhere as comfortable as the foam tips. But hey, who gives foam tips with earphones at this price right? For what it’s worth, these ear-tips are better and more comfortable than those provided with Piston Fit. So, if you liked the ones that came with our beloved pistons then these are gonna totally amaze you. A 3.5 MM jack is where the cord ends and it’s a gold-plated sturdy one at that.

Comfort is where these gorgeous earphones took a hit. Don’t jump the gun yet, they are not uncomfortable right away you pop them in your ears. It’s just that they are uncomfortable for a long period of usages like binge-watching shows or movies.

Performance and Output

Here comes my favorite part, I was so eager to talk about the rich and enhanced bass these earphones provide. It was really a great experience listening to bass heavy songs with these on. Not only the bass but also the sound quality is on point. The audio is crisp with clear mids, highs, and lows. The thing to mention is it has a low level of noise isolation which could’ve been better and would make them a steal.

Microphone performance was another thing that made me happy. All the calls I took with these were crisp and clear to the receiver. Online multi-player games were big-time fun with these popped in our ears and mic doing the receiver job.


  • Desing and Build quality are pretty good.
  • Rich and High-quality bass output.
  • Cord is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer.
  • High-quality, Comfortable Ear-tips.
  • Pretty good for Gaming purpose.
  • Microphone performance is awesome.

  • Uncomfortable for pro-longed usage.
  • Low lovel of noice cancellation.
  • No In-line volume controls.


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